Barbados Hotel For Sale - US$3.25 million

Barbados Hotel For Sale

This naturally breezy, strategic location on prime Oceanfront property was originally built in 1973 under the name of The Arawak Inn. The current owners - Margaret and Adrian LOVERIDGE, bought and changed the name to Peach and Quiet in 1988. It has always been a ‘work in progress’ and a passion which has bought them to this Sale point and the price is $3,250,000 US. - over 3.1 Acres = 12256.7 square metres.

One third of this is land at the rear of the property and avails itself for future expansion. Originally there was planning permission for another 40 apartments but the application has not been renewed. The Town and Country planning offices have said there should not be a problem developing for the future as the footprint had been set, but of course dependent on the style etc. As it is located on a slope unusual architecture would be able to make use of the sweeping views across the top of the current property giving more rooms with Ocean views. Currently this area is used for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs and partially a car park.

We have been closed since 2013 and the property has been down valued to take this into consideration so the price is based on Land value with varied buildings only, as opposed to an up and running hotel. Having said that the property has been kept in a fairly good condition and would require some beautification to re-open again. We also have a guest list of 5,000 names and email addresses of former clients. Many of whom still contact us on a regular basis for information concerning re-opening and reservations. The hotel enjoyed high ratings on Trip Adviser and was 100% full in the Winter months November to April with a mixed clientele mainly from North America and Europe with many repeat bookings. A lot of people would book 1 or 2 years ahead. The property closed during Summer months to allow for renovations, staff holidays etc but would sometimes open just for private groups.

This is an incredible property for a ‘niche’ market ie Spa, wellbeing, Pilates, Yoga, Massage, Health, Sports (especially water sports as we are the ideal area for Surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, kayaking etc. See YouTube video of Justin Bieber at Surfers point - just adjacent to us) Also it provided a wonderful venue for Weddings, Conferences, Musical entertainment, Concerts, Parties and other special events such as walking/hiking, Art shows, star gazing, story telling etc. The property attracted direct bookings - therefore attained full rack rates and rarely were we booked via Travel Agents therefore no commissions or discounts. Many awards were won by the hotel and were favourably written up by many journalists across the globe lauding our strengths and therefore giving us free exposure. Very little was spent on advertising as such but occupancy was gained via word of mouth/personal recommendations. We were always high on the Trip Advisor ratings and achieved #1 status for quite some time.

Average stay time being 7 - 10 days for younger Americans, 14 days plus for British and persons of different nationalities leaning more towards the more mature couples although as in over 40’s and we had a good share of wedding and Honeymooners.

Air Conditioning, TV’s, Radios, in room phones or internet have not been provided in the past and it was not an issue as clients were made well aware of this before and when booking. Should the property be re-opened year round then a provision for A/C may need to be installed as there are not usually the wonderful Ocean breezes in the Summer months as we receive in the winter months (trade winds). Also this would open up the American market more as they usually expect A/C. Cooling in the past has been via ceiling or floor fans and Internet access was via a 50m radius from the Reception area.

The hotel closed when we were made an offer for the property and the purchaser wished to make major renovations and refurbishment. Sadly, after several months, and before the final sign-up, the purchaser succumbed to a heart attack, by which stage we just did not have the energy to re-open. We are both in our latter Sixties and have had the property since 1988 and as our children/grandchildren have all returned to live in the UK we wish to return too to be close to our family.

We have had a wonderful 28 years here and the property now needs to be injected with new life, ideas and energy poured into it - the location is just spectacular and extremely quiet and peaceful and a wonderful venue for the many events. The style is Adobe (Mexicanish....) and very unusual yet ‘apt’ for this use - spacious and private. To be seen to be believed!


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